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Verspanken 3 Piece Kit H2O Waves Masturbator


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Verspanken 3 Piece Kit H2O Waves. Oral sex stimulator. A new kind of home entertainment system for men. It is all about you! Control the pressure or snap it closed, whatever you like. The teasing textures keeps you coming back again and again. Buy them all to mix/match inserts. Open ended housing and snap closure. Easy to use. Easy to clean.

The adjustable housing allows for a tight, firm fit. The inserts are liquid filled for a weighted feel and for the ability to enjoy breathtaking warm or cool thermal play. The Foam Wiener Waves insert, included, is interchangeable and can be easily warmed or chilled.

Mix or match textures and temperatures to create a variety of experiences customized to your urges or mood. Features snaps closed keeps a grip so you do not have to. Feel the squeeze unique adjustable pressure feature. Easy to clean no special care needed. Mix and match textures and temperatures. Heat or chill. Great for use solo or as a couple.

Weight 1.00000 lbs

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