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Stamizyn 30 Capsule Bottle


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Stamizyn Male Enhancement 30 count capsule bottle. All natural ingredients engineered for maximum male sexual performance, arousal, libido and muscle development. Immediate and sustained desire, arousal, heightened sensitivity, remarkable surges in libido sexual function. Rapid on set, on demand action with staying power that lasts for hours. Stamizyn Male Enhancement capsules are formulated to rapidly increase blood flow to the penis, increase testosterone, support healthy erectile tissues in the penis and improve libido in men of all ages. When aroused, Nitric Oxide is released into blood vessels, causing them to dilate and allowing blood to rush into the penis, making it expand and providing a hard erection. The thickness and hardness of erections depend on the capacity of the penis to expand with blood. This capacity normally decreases with age and can occur at a younger age in some unfortunate men. Stamizyn works naturally to support healthy erectile tissues, blood flow, testosterone production and libido in men of all ages.

Stamizyn is an all natural product manufactured in the US from the best, precisely blended ingredients and herbal nutrients. It contains ingredients that have been used for over 1,000 years worldwide in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine to support male reproductive health. Stamizyn improves workouts. Because Stamizyn is engineered to support testosterone production and endurance, athletes and bodybuilders find that it improves their workouts and results. Take 1-3 capsules or more as tolerated, twice daily, 30 minutes before exercise. Ingredients include: L-Arginine is natural amino acid converts to Nitric Oxide NO to increase blood flow to the penis for a solid, powerful erection. Tribulus terrestis: increases testosterone for improved sexual performance, libido and muscle development. DIM Diindolylmethane blocks unwanted estrogen, allows more testosterone to flow and supports prostate erectile tissues. Maca Lepidium meyenii: improves sexual desire, function, promotes healthy testosterone levels, fertility, endurance and energy. Epimedium grandiflorum Horny Goat Weed increases sexual desire and satisfaction. D,L-Phenylalanine boosts dopamine, a major brain neurotransmitter responsible for feelings associated with sex. Made in the USA

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