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Perfect Marital Aid With Turbo Skin 6″


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Doctor Love's Perfect Marital Aid with Turbo Skin 6″ Ignite your night with Doctor Love's range of girth enhancing products, dildos and vibrators and take your lovemaking to a whole other level! Doctor Love's penis enhancers will boost the length, girth and staying time of an erection. These adult toys include penis extenders and sleeves, some of which are equipped with a vibrator for exquisite clitoral stimulation. Each type of erection enhancer has its own special uses for making your shaft bigger and better. Sexual desires between partners are powerful, passionate and should not be denied because of temporary dysfunction. The 6 inches long prosthetic is perfect for maintaining an erotic & satisfying physical relationship. Wide straps for comfort adjustable up to 50 inches. The interior has a diameter of 1-1/8 inch and is 5 inches deep. The exterior has a diameter of 1-5/8 inch with a length of 6 inches. Features: designed for use with or without an erection, adjustable wide straps for comfort up to 50 inches. Soft outer sleeve with semi-rigid inner sleeve. Comfortable for user and partner. Includes lubricant pillow pack. Doctor Love's helps you to give it all you got and then some.

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