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Papaya Candy Stick Blueberry


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Papaya Candy Stick Vibrator is available in four colors: Blueberry Blue, Grape Purple, Apple Green and Strawberry Pink. Each sold separately. Candy Stick has a unique and luscious swirl design starts at its beautiful head and runs all the way down its smooth shaft. The unique and distinctive shape is specially designed for those who appreciate something really special. Candy Stick is completely waterproof and fully submersible, letting you take its spiral sweet sensations anywhere you want. Fun facts: surprisingly, the design for the Candy Stick was originally inspired by a braid of hair, not the sweet and delicious Popsicle everyone still loves! Candy Stick contains the most powerful vibration motor, ensuring maximum effect where it is needed most. Candy Stick is completely waterproof and submersible, perfect for bath or shower fun. A passion in making women happy. Vibrating sex toy requires 2 AA batteries, not included. Do not leave batteries in the vibrator between uses. A water based lubricant is recommended. All vibrators and sex toys come with a 1 year replacement warranty. They do this because they believe in the tightest quality control program in the industry. Plus, at Papaya Toys they use only top quality components and medical grade silicone. Constantly amazed and inspired by Mother Nature. She has a unique way of creating beautiful, simple forms that work. These naturally inspired products do the same thing: make you happy, time after time. Papaya Toys rediscover passion!

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