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Nipple Hugger Beaded Long Pink/Blue


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Fresh Nipple Huggers Beaded Long Pair Pink and Blue are titillating with a touch of glamor! Adorn yourself for pleasure with style! Beaded singlets gently embrace and tantalize your hot spots! Iridescent beads in our signature colors unite to add the finishing touch to your Fresh look! Pinch and squeeze for as long as you please with these Nipple Clamps in Fresh's cool signature colors: pink and blue! Nipple Luvers are another option of Beaded Nipple Adornments and are perfect for women with sensitive nipples. These Luvers are attached by squeezing the tab ends of the chrome plated steel loops which caused the loop or circle to widen. The loop is then lowered over the nipple and the tabs are released. The loop should fit snugly but should not be tight. PHS International offers Nipple Luvers in two different styles: singlet pairs or singlet pairs connected by a 12 inches beaded chain. The blue, pink and clear plastic beads are faceted to resemble actual cut crystal. Animal free. Like to know your products are safe for you, your lifestyle and do not harm others? Then Fresh is the line for you! Fresh is your current and best source for luxury vegan, vegetarian or animal loving consumer. Fresh is the world's first and only full vegan friendly toy line. This makes it a smart and unique choice for any retail environment, adding a valuable option and alternative to the animal product laden lines out there! Frisky, flirty, fashionable and fun, Fresh was created with animal safety in mind! Non-piercing nipple clamps. Made from 100% lead free metal.

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