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Nipple Clamp Y Style 3 Alligators Pink


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Nipple clamps can be applied to the nipples of either men or women. But this item is for women only! They create pain/pleasure by restricting blood flow from erect nipples by applying pressure to them. Most nipple clamps are adjustable allowing the user to determine the amount of pressure. PHS International makes and sells a variety of different types of nipple clamps these include; jaws clamps, alligator clamps, barrel clamps, tweezer clamps, press clamps; plier clamps, wide tip tweezer clamps, weighted clamps, and criss cross clamps. Nipple Clamp Y Style 3 Alligator Ends Pink: one for each nipple plus one for the clitoris. All of nipple clamps are made of nickel plated steel and are animal product free. They feature protective plastic covers which are skin safe and help to keep the metal from digging into the nipple. With Alligator Clamps: Alligator Clamps work almost the same way as spring tension clothes pins the tabs on the open end are pushed together causing the closed end to open and to then be attached or pinched onto the desired object. Alligator clamps differ from clothes pins in that they have a pressure screw which when turned in lessens the amount of pressure on the object being pinched. The actual Alligator clamp is 2 inches in length. A 6.5 inches steel chain is connected to each clamp and the chains are connected by a small ring. A third chain is attached between the first two chains.

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