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Naughty Couples Kit


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Naughty Couples 4 in one sexual first aid kit. What every couples needs to be prepared. Indulge yourself and your partner. Enhance your intimate experience. Goes anywhere you go. How to be a star in bed. Illustrated road map for better sex and positions. Includes: Velextra for her: female sexual enhancement pill. Formulated to gently and naturally restore balance to your body. These beautiful pink pill has a very precise blend of herbal nutrients that contain all natural aphrodisiacs that will enhance your body to not only feel amazing during intercourse but also allow your body to respond quicker to your much needed pleasures by seeking interaction due to vaginal impulses. Impulses, uninhibited pleasure, exquisite sensations and easily achievable orgasms. Adds passion back to your intimate encounters. Deeply intensifying sexual sensations. Dramatically increased desire for sex. Quicker full body arousal. Intense climax with more pleasure. Sex Voltz for him safe, all-natural formula grants men new found improved sexual performance and arousal resulting in bigger, harder, potent erections that can double stamina in the bedroom right when they need it most! SexVoltz users can experience intensified orgasms with a recovery time between ejaculations as little as five minutes. SexVoltz is a natural male enhancement supplement unlike any other. Designed to make men last longer in bed. Sweeten 69 for both you. An all-natural chewable tablet for both men and women that naturally sweetens the flavor of your bodily secretions/fluids. After, taking Sweeten69 both you and your partner will experience longer more enjoyable foreplay sessions due to a more tasty body part! Share with a friend; you can not 69 alone! It is time to make oral sex a bit more tasteful and exciting. XploZion for him enhancer for men that Maximizes the volume of ejaculation for a more intense, satisfying orgasm! With XploZion you will be able to deliver multiple roped orgasms, proving to your lover that you can go on and on all night! Naughty Couples Kit from Beamonstar.

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