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Monogamy Massage Candles 3 Pack


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Monogamy Massage Candle 3 Pack. The beautiful range of Monogamy massage candles are available in an irresistible 3 pack; your customers are sure to come back to you for their favorite. The Monogamy Massage Candle 3 Pack consists of: 1 Intimate Candle, 1 Passionate Candle, 1 Steamy Candle. A sensually satisfying fragrance, combining the delicious sweet scent of strawberries with the delicately decadent scent of champagne. Chocolate & Vanilla a tantalizing and teasing fragrance, combining the indulgent aroma of chocolate laced with a hint of rich velvet vanilla. Orange & Warm Spice an erotic yet energetic fragrance, combining the fresh scent of orange with the heady, seductive tones of sandalwood and cinnamon. Monogamy Massage Candle 3 Pack from Creative Conceptions.

Weight 0.25000 lbs

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