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Libidra 60 Capsules Bottle


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Libidra 60 Count Capsules Bottle. Libidra is a natural supplements to help with female libido and arousal. Its formulation is made to help a lady achieve longer, harder and more powerful orgasm while helping with mood support. Bear in mind that Libidra is made to assist the female body get over dietary deficits and hormonal unbalances which are produced with time from ongoing stress, neglect, poor diet, loss of focus, and much more. Its 100% natural formula of herbals, nutrition, and libido enhancers will help restore a woman's reproductive system. Finally, you will anticipate closeness and having sex together with your partner again rather than viewing it as being another routine chore. It is suggested that you simply allow Libidra a minimum of thirty days so that your body can hold the dietary benefits, although nearly all women can experience a libido and much more within seven days. Libidra is designed to become taken daily like a dietary supplement for ladies.

Libidra is an all natural product manufactured in the US from the best, precisely blended herbal nutrients and aphrodisiacs. It contains ingredients that have been used for over 1,000 years worldwide in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine to support female reproductive health. Ingredients include: Cacao elevates mood, reduces PMS symptoms, is an aphrodisiac and helps fight depression. Theobromine a mild, lasting stimulant that improves mood and enhances sexual desire. Beta PEA Phenylethylamine raises dopamine to improve libido and mood, stimulates a sense of excitement, euphoria and well being. Desert Broomrape Bark Cistanche tubulosa boosts libido and increases blood supply to genitals to increase intensity of orgasms. Passion Flower Passiflora an aphrodisiac that increases libido and fertility. Shatavari Shoots Powder Asparagus racemosus an aphrodisiac that also helps symptoms of PMS, menopause and endometriosis. Mucuna pruriens Velvet Bean active ingredient is L-dopa which converts to dopamine to improve libido and mood. Chasteberry Vitex boosts progesterone, helps symptoms of PMS and menopause. Maca Lepidium meyenii improves sexual desire and function, promotes fertility, endurance, vitality and energy. Schizandra Berries increases energy, vitality and libido, enhances beauty. Damiana Leaves Powder Turnera diffusa an aphrodisiac that enhances sexual function. Dong Quai Root Powder Angelica sinensis re-balances estrogen levels to enable more regular arousal and sexual function. L-Arginine converts to Nitric Oxide NO which increases blood flow to genitals and improves sexual function in women.

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