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Juli Ashton Anal Beginner Kit Pink


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Who better than an expert to know what's best for a beginner? That is why the Juli Ashton Anal Beginner's Kit is so popular. Juli presents a collection of items to help you explore anal sex. Includes 1 small butt plug, 1 medium butt plug, 1 large butt plug, and a soft flexible 7 inches vibrator. 1 fluid ounce bottle of anal lube. Start small, and work your way up. Use only water-based lubes. Juli's kit includes a multi-speed glittered pink vibrator and three rubber, glittered pink graduated butt plugs. Made from a soft gentle pink rubber by Juli Ashton, an expert on anal stimulation. Includes:

  • Small Gentle Plug 4.25 inches by 1 inch
  • Medium Gentle Plug 4.75 inches by 1 inch
  • Large Plug 5 inches by 1.5 inches
  • Soft flexible vibrator 7 inches by 1.5 inches
  • Anal Lube 1 fluid ounce

Two AA batteries, not included, provide the delightful vibrations. This kit also comes with 1 oz of Doc Johnson's Condom Safe Anal Lube. Let the anal training begin!


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