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Intimate Love Card Game


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Intimate Love Card Game GAB110. Intimate Love Game Playing Cards – Naughty Card Games. The Intimate Love Game Playing Cards – Naughty Card Games are a sexual adventure of discovery! With the Intimate Love Game Playing Cards you and your lover take turns taking a card from one of the three piles, read out the corresponding question, forfeit or action for an evening of cheeky fun. From questions such as Have you ever had lustful thoughts about a neighbor? to actions like Gently kiss your partners inner thighs for 1 minute, who knows whether you can get through the whole game. Whether you want something to spice up your love life, or fancy something to take on a dirty weekend, this card game is the ultimate in seduction and love making. Why not add the cards to a game of poker to make things interesting at parties? The Intimate Love Game Playing Cards make ideal sexy stocking stuffers, Valentine's Day and Birthday gifts! Why not treat someone to an evening they will never forget thanks to this fabulously erotic card game. Gas Works.

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