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Inflatable Willie Ring Toss Game


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Inflata-Willie Ring Toss game is a team effort! One partner tosses the ring, the other guides Willie into the ring! Includes one 24 inches Inflatable Willie and three 9.5 inches rings. Hilarious fun for Bachelorette Parties, Birthdays and Over the Hill Parties, Girl's Night Out, College Parties, and pretty much any get-together at all! Game Rules: Divide into two-player teams. If there are an odd number of players, take the oddest person and make them the judge. One person in each team will be the Ring Tosser and the other will hold Willie. The player holding Willie will need to direct Willie to enter each ring as it is in mid-air. The key to winning is for the Ring Tosser to aim high above Willie, allowing him to slide in from below. If Willie just stands there doing nothing, he's going to lose! Earn one point for each ring that Willie slides into. The rings must be completely on Willie's body for them to count as points. After all 3 rings are tossed, keep track of your points, and then switch roles with your partner and play again.

Each team has a potential to earn 6 total points (3 rings thrown by each player). The next team gets their turn, keeping track of their points. If both teams score the same number of points, or no points at all, during their turn, then a replay is required. After all teams have played one round, the team(s) with the lowest points in that round are eliminated from the game. Play continues, eliminating the loser(s) at the end of each round; until only one team is left, who have rightly earned the title of Willie Ring Toss Champions!

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