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H2H Wand USB Rechargable Lavender Massager


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Like to know your products are safe for you, your lifestyle and do not harm others? Then Heart 2 Heart is the line for you! H2H is your current and best source for luxury vegan, vegetarian or animal loving consumer. Fresh is the world's first and only full vegan friendly toy line. This makes it a smart and unique choice for any retail environment, adding a valuable option and alternative to the animal product laden lines out there!

Frisky, flirty, fashionable and fun, Heart 2 Heart was created with animal safety in mind! This is a product designed to capture the attention of young men and women of today. H2H is a youth oriented introduction into the world of sexual play, the packaging and the overall look of the product is designed to help these beginners feel at ease and comfortable. Wand USB Rechargeable Lavender is a small personal massager that is recharge by the USB port on your computer. No need to purchase batteries.

Weight 1.00000 lbs

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