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H2H Nipple Clamps Tweezer with Red Beads


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H2H (Heart 2 Heart) is an extensive line of adult pleasure toys designed for the fastest growing segment of adult product buyers in the world today, everyday women and the men who love them! Two very important components make up the brand that is H2H. The finest quality, skin safe products on the market today and beautiful packaging that is playful and suggestive but not objectionable in any way. The first goal of the H2H brand is product quality and safety.

Heart-2-Heart Nipple Clamps Tweezer Ends with Red Beads decorative nipple clamps add a little pinch in just the right places. Beaded nipple clamps can be applied to the nipples of either men or women. Beaded clamps are more often used as nipple adornments rather than traditional clamps which are used to create pain/pleasure by restricting the blood flow from erect nipples by applying pressure to them.

Most PHS International beaded clamps are made with tweezer clamps. Tweezer clamps are attached to the nipple by slowly sliding a small bar up the tweezer. They can be worn very loosely and without a lot of pressure applied to the nipple. Tweezer clamps are made of steel and are either chrome plated. All tweezer clamps feature a protective rubber covering to protect your nipple. This covering is skin safe and animal product free. The beads used are a combination of faceted crystal beads and plastic beads.

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