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Forplay Succulents Tube Absolute Raspberry 2.2oz


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Forplay Succulent Absolute Raspberry 2.2 ounces. All Natural Flavored Warming Lubricant Succulents are sugar free, water based. Forplay Succulents, delicious all natural flavored lubricants. Non-staining. Harmless if ingested. Latex condom compatible. Succulent, responds to touch and breath by creating a warm sensual glow when rubbed or blown on. Its long lasting lubricity will add to your fun and sensual pleasures. Succulents Warming Lubricants warm when blown or rubbed on and act as a lubricant. Stays slippery for a long time. Makes it easy for deep penetration. Ingredients: Glycerin, Water, Natural Flavoring, Cellulose Gum, Potassium Sorbate preservative. Made in the USA

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