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Crossbones 6Pack Lr44 Battery


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Zero Tolerance come hard Crossbones series. Arm your manhood. Need more power? Crossbones 6 Pack LR44 Batteries. LR44 Alkaline Batteries Economy 6 Pack. Never run out of juice with this handy battery 6-pack that ensures your Zero Tolerance Toys will always provide their up most extreme intensity. Mercury free. Cadmium free. Replace all batteries at the same time. Caution: do not recharge, place in fire, disassemble, mix with different battery types, or insert backwards. Doing so may cause batteries to explore or leak causing burn or injuries. Do not carry batteries loose in pockets or purse. Keep batteries away from small children, if swallowed consult a physician. Chocking hazard. Zero Tolerance Sex Toys. Made in China.

Weight 0.25000 lbs

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